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Taking The Waters

Taking The Waters



A new play written to celebrate the Loft Centenary

Directed by David Fletcher

Music Composed by Jonathan Fletcher  BMus (Hons) MA

In our centenary year, David Fletcher’s new play celebrates the Loft’s presence in Leamington Spa by bringing to life some significant events in the town’s history through drama, music and movement. It is also a deeply human story, told through the eyes of two generations of remarkable women.  

The central theme of the play is water - both as a life-giving force and also as a source of danger. Act One begins in 1784 and celebrates the transition of the sleepy village of Leamington Priors into the thriving town of Leamington Spa. By the time the Royal Pump Rooms opened in 1814, there were six bathhouses in the town and a brand new theatre. Act One concludes with scenes of vibrant theatre life.

 There is a change of mood in Act Two, which focuses on the medical and political conflicts surrounding the cholera epidemic in the town in 1849. There were attempts to cover up the epidemic, and disputes about what preventative measures should, or should not, be taken – so, plenty of modern-day resonances there!  

The play includes some real-life characters from the past, such as Benjamin Satchwell and Dr. John Hitchman, who is commemorated by the fountain in the Jephson gardens. It also includes fictional characters who bring warmth and humanity to these extraordinary stories from Leamington’s past.

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Battle of the Big Top

Battle of the Big Top



3 – 7 AUGUST, 2022

‘Battle of the Big Top’


Original Script by Laura Berridge

Original Musical Score by Fergal O'Mahony

Additional words/music/arrangement by Ross Power.

When two young siblings visit the Circus, what they see is not what they were expecting. Set in the vibrant world of a Big Top, we follow the siblings’ journey as they observe the obstacles and difficulties people from different backgrounds and with varying beliefs face, as they are forced to co-exist in the same environment.

Can the siblings help the Ringmasters save their beloved circus by teaching everyone to follow the code of RESPECT? Will they ever be able to celebrate each other’s differences and learn to co-exist harmoniously, or will the acts remain fractured and cause the Circus to topple.

Follow our Facebook page to see the casts journey through rehearsals.

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The Seagull

The Seagull

The Seagull

By Anton Chekhov

In a new adaptation by James Suckling

21 September – 1 October

The Seagull is widely regarded as the first of Chekhov’s four great plays. At its heart it explores the very nature of humanity; aspiration and recognition, the desire for love, the inherent selfishness of self- preservation, and the wicked indifference that belittles and crushes the dreams of the younger generation.

The Seagull is an ensemble piece with no leading player, no star turn, how ironic that one of the main characters is just this, desperate to remain the headline act. Through casual conversation within the idle boredom of life in the country the drama of the extended family and household subtly reveals itself. In an isolated home where dreams are in tatters, hopes dashed, hearts broken and where there is nowhere left to turn, no-one can be bothered to prevent the self-predicted tragedy.

In this new adaptation by James Suckling the play is set in rural Victorian England at the turn of the 20th Century. These people are universal, their personal traits relevant in any time, place or language.

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The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party




The Birthday Party is not a Fourth, not even a Second, but a First; and Pinter, on the evidence of his work, possesses the most original, disturbing and arresting talent in theatrical London.

Harold Hobson, The Times on the premiere

This play is particularly thrilling because as with the best first major plays – like first albums, and first novels – it has the intense DNA of the writer’s inner life; their yearnings, their obsessions, their longings.

Ian Rickson who directed the highly acclaimed revival in 2018 with Toby Jones.

Stanley Webber is the only lodger at Meg and Petey Boles’ sleepy seaside boarding house. The unsettling arrival of enigmatic strangers Goldberg and McCann disrupts the humdrum lives of the inhabitants and their friend Lulu and

mundanity soon becomes menace when a seemingly innocent birthday party turns into a disturbing nightmare. Truth and alliances hastily shift in Pinter's brilliantly mysterious darkly-comic masterpiece about the absurd terrors of the everyday and one that still manages with ease to chime with the times.

This non professional production is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Limited.

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A Century Of Swing

A Century Of Swing


The Music of the Big Bands with Down for the Count

Sunday 6 November 2022

Join the UK’s hardest swinging band Down for the Count for “one hellova celebration of vintage music” (TimeOut London) as they celebrate A Century of Swing. You’ll hear instrumental songs from the likes of Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller and vocal classics from singers such as Nat ‘King’ Cole and Ella Fitzgerald, all presented with Down for the Count’s own unmistakable brand of wit and humour.

Down for the Count are regularly to be seen at Ronnie Scott’s in London, the London Jazz festival and on BBC Radio and are returning to the Loft after their first sellout performance in 2019.

Main House £17 No concessions

7.30 p.m.

“My first impulse on leaving Cadogan Hall in the wake of a standing ovation on Sunday evening was to ask permission to lay 10 stars on this outstanding gig rather than the usual five.”

Jazz Journal


Michael Bublé

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream




“I have had a most rare vision. I had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was.” — Act IV

Four love-drunk teens, escaped from the confines of an oppressive

regime, caught in a dispute of increasingly magical proportions. A posse

of wannabe actors, determined to put on a play against the odds. The

Fairy Queen and King at war, and one wild spirit hell-bent on causing as

much havoc as possible. What could possibly go wrong?

Our joyful explosion of colourful chaos will transport you to a magical time

in the 60’s………. where just about anything was possible – all you had to

do was dream.

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